Anthurium berriozabalense Matuda
Anth. berriozabalense

Anthurium berriozabalense Matuda, Anales Inst. Biol. Univ. Nac. Mexico 22: 380, f. 8. 1952

Etymology: Occuring in the vicinity of Berriozabal in northeastern Chiapas, Mexico

Distribution: Chiapas, Mexico

Sectional Placement: placed in section Belolonchium

Description: A terrestrial species found on rocky slopes. Stem 10 cm long and longer with thick roots to 5 mm thick; Leaves, erect to spreading, petioles to 56 cm long, leaf blade roughly triangular with an acute apex, broadly lobed at the base with anterior lobes directed backward and outward forming an almost triangular sinus, upper surface glossy, lower surface semi-glossy; Inflorescence, erect, shorter than the leaves, spathe medium green with purple tinged margins, spadix, green to yellow green; Berries, orange on pendent infructescence, large to 11mm long.

A more detailed description of this species is available.

Notes: Pictured is a form from cultivation that has noticeably glaucous leaves giving the leaf blade an 'aluminum' color. This form also seems to hold many more leaves than the standard green form. The leaf blade of this species varies quite a bit in the shape and size of the lobes. Berries on this species take a much longer time to ripen than most Anthurium species, up to 2 years.

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