Anthurium brownii Mast.

Anthurium brownii, three clones

Anthurium brownii Mast., Gard. Chron. 2: 744. 1876


Distribution: from Costa Rica to Columbia

Sectional Placement: A. brownii is a member of section Belolonchium.

Description: Epiphyte, Stems, short with close internodes, roots slightly pubescent; Leaves, petioles erect to speading and up to 1 m long, narrowlly ovate triangular, prominently lobed at the base, shape and size of the lobes varies consideralbly, margins slightly to heavily undulating, upper surface darker than the lower surface; Inflorescence longer than the leaf, peduncle green speckled with purple, spadix purple, spathe twisted and reflexed, green with purple tinge; Berries, orange to red-orange.

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Notes: A very handsome species which shows considerable variation as to leaf shape. The undulating margins close internodes and beautiful dark green leaves make this and excellent species for cultivation. Considered to be of easy culture.

The photo shows some leaf variation in three seperate clones. These plants shown are still young and will grow to be quite a bit larger.

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