Anthurium cerrocampanense Croat

Anthurium cerrocampanense Croat, Selbyana 5(3-4): 316. 1981

Etymology: Occuring in the vicinity of Cerro Campana in Panama

Distribution: To be found throughout central Panama, mostly west of the canal zone in suitable forest.

Sectional Placement: An unusual member of section Cardiolonchium which does not have a velvety leaf blade.

Description: Planta terrestris, petiolus triangularis, anguste alatus, 14-50 cm longus; lamina ovata, cordata, (13)20-40(55)cm longa, 13.5-35(40) cm lata. Inflorescentia erecta; pedunculus 14-30 cm longus, 1-2 costatus; spatha viridis, oblongo-lanceolata; spadix sessilis, viridis anthesis initio, lutescens, 5-14.4 cm longus, 6-12 mm diam. Baccae purpureo-violaceae.

Growing as a terrestrial generally in heavy clay, even at upper altitudes; stems, with short internodes and with a 'knobby' look due to the large leaf base scars left behind, roots thick; leaves,petioles, noticeably triangular with winged edges which are often wavy, leaf blade ovate, cordate emerging reddish bronze in most clones, deeply lobed at the base, in some clones these lobes actually overlap; inflorescence, peduncle sharply ribbed, spathe, green to yellow-green with purple streaking, spadix, sessile and green, perfume-like fragrance when stigmatic droplets are showing and when anthers are exposed; berries, purple at apex and white towards the base.

More information on this species including the type description.

Notes: A handsome species that is of easy culture.

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