Anthurium eminens Schott
Anth. eminens

Anthurium eminens Schott, Oesterr. Bot. Wochenbl. 5:273. 1855

Etymology: Eminens meaning projecting or eminent, in reference to its large size.

Distribution:Wide spread from Columbia to Bolivia and east to Brazil and the Guianas.

Sectional Placement: Anth. eminens is placed in section Dactylophyllium

Description: Large scadent epiphyte (viney), Stem with internodes 2-5 cm long, Leaves with petioles 50-75 cm long, leaf blade palmately divided into 11-15 segments which are connected to the petiole by petiolules ( free of the leaf blade), segments aproxamatly equal in size and narrowly oblong to oblong, 5-10 cm wide and 20-40 cm long, apex acute; Inflorescence, peduncle 1/3 the length of the petiole and purple, spathe green with purple tinge, linear lanceolate, spadix can be purple, brown, green or cream; Berries purple


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