Anthurium podophyllum Kunth
Anth. podophyllum

Anthurium podophyllum (Cham. & Schlect.) Kunth, Enum. Pl. 3: 80. 1841.

Etymology: Foot-like (podo) leaf (phyllum)

Distribution: Endemic to the Gulf Coast of Mexico in the states of Veracruz and Oaxaca.

Type locale: Mexico. Veracuz: Hacienda de la Laguna

Sectional Placement: Anth. podophyllum is a member of section Schizoplacium

Description: A mostly terrestrial species with deeply lobed, many times divided leaf blades (pedatisect).

A more detailed description of this species is found in T. Croat's online A Revision of the Genus Anthurium of Mexico and Central America.

Notes: This species is the poster child for leaf diversity in the genus. Besides being of interesting shape within the genus, the species varies from poplation to population with plants becoming more disected towards the coast. Be careful not to keep it too wet and it should grow easily for most growers. This species is periodically available from some south Florida nurseries.

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