Anthurium verapazense Engl.
Anthurium verapazense

Anthurium verapazense Engl., Pflanzenr. IV.(Heft 37): 191. 1905

Etymology: First described from the state of Alta Verapaz, in Guatemala.

Distribution: From southern Mexico (Chiapas), through Guatemala and Belize.

Sectional Placement: a member of the new section Cordatopunctatum

Description: Epiphytic or sometimes terrestrial herb, Stems, cloked in withering cataphylls and thick decending roots; leaves, petioles erect and spreading to 60cm long, subterete and sulcate (back of peitole 'sunken' in or flattened), blades triangular and prominently lobed; inflorescence, arching to pendant, peduncle longer than petiole, spathe, green tinged violet, lanceolate and reflexed, spadix, dark purple, smelling of fermented grapes at anthesis.

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Notes: One of a group of closely related species formerly lumped into section Belolonchium, and now belong in the new section Cordatopunctatum. Some of these other species include Anthurium lucens, Anthurium chiapasense, and Anthurium longipeltatum.

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