Journal of the International Aroid Society, Inc.
Volume 6, Number 3 (1983); Pages 68-70
Heinrich Gustav Adolph Engler
By Thomas B. Croat    
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It's difficult to contemplate aroids without thinking of the amazing productivity of Adolph Engler. Aside from H. C. Schott (Aroideana, Vol. 1 [3]), no other worker is so clearly association with the aroid family. His active writing on Araceae spanned 42 years beginning in 1878 with the publication of the Araceae of Brazil in Martius' Flora Brasiliensis and ending 1920 with the completion of a monographic treatment of the entire aroid family. The latter work published in Das Pflanzenreich was the last comprehensive treatment of the family. All together it describes about 1,800 species in 108 genera. The work, though now out of date, still stands as a monument to his untiring efforts.


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