Journal of the International Aroid Society, Inc.
Volume 8, Number 2 (1985); Pages 42-43
Additional notes on Homalomena speariae Bogner et Moffler
By Josef Bogner and Mark D. Moffler    
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After the publication of the new species, Homa/omena speariae Bogner et Moffler (Moffler and Bogner, 1984), I (J.B.) pollinated it by hand obtaining fruits with viable seeds. Seeds were sent to Mr. John Banta of the River Haven Nursery, Rt. 2, Box 144, Alva, Florida 33920, in order to introduce this handsome aroid into the trade. Since our publication, plants were planted into a ground bed at the Munich Botanical Garden where they grew much larger than the original container grown specimens.


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