Journal of the International Aroid Society, Inc.
Volume 2, Number 2 (1979); Pages 62-63
Aroid profile no. 4: Xenophya lauterbachiana
By Michael Madison    
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Xenophya lauterbachiana (Engler)Nicolson, Blumea 16:117 (1968) Synonyms: Schizocasia lauterbachiana Engler Alocasia wavriniana Mast. Reference: Nicolson, D.H., 1968. The Genus Xenophya Schott (Araceae), Blumea 16:115-118. in primary lowland rainforest to elevations of 700m in northeastern New Guinea. The species was introduced into cultivation by Micholitz in the 1890's, and has been sparingly cultivated ever since, though it is a handsome plant that ought to be more widely grown.


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