Journal of the International Aroid Society, Inc.
Volume 11, Number 1 (1988); Pages 25-31
Anaphyllopsis: A new neotropical genus of Araceae-Lasieae
By Alistair Hay     (Buy)


It is proposed here that a new genus, Anaphyllopsis, be erected as an alternative to "lumping" Dracontium, Dracontioides and C. americanum. Were the latter course to be adopted, the resulting broad generic concept of Dracontium would be inconsistent with the existing rather narrow limits between other genera of the Lasieae such as Podolasia, Urospatba, Lasia and Cyrtosperma s.s. Two new species and one new combination of Anaphyllopsis are described, both, sadly, from single fragmentary collections: Anapbyllopsis pinnata A. Hay, sp. nov., Anaphyllopsis americana (Engler) A. Hay, comb. nov. and Anaphyllopsis cururuana A. Hay, sp. nov ..


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