Journal of the International Aroid Society, Inc.
Volume 28, Number 1 (2005); Pages 52-64
A review of the Anthurium splendidum complex (Araceae)
By Thomas B. Croat and Rick Cirino     (Buy)


A revision is made of five closely related species in Anthurium section Cardiolonchium from Western Colombia. Anthurium splendidum Hort. ex W. Bull is reported to be rediscovered, since in its original description in 1883 no known province was cited. One member of this complex, A. debilis Croat & Bay, was recently published. Three additional new species closely related to, or previously confused with A. splendidum, are described. These are A. giraldoi Croat, A. luxurians Croat & Cirino, and A. nutibarense Croat.


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