Journal of the International Aroid Society, Inc.
Volume 29, Number 1 (2006); Pages 2-36
A taxonomic revision of Biarum (Araceae)
By Peter C. Boyce     (Buy)


A taxonomic revision of Biarum is presented. Hitherto species-ranked B. galianii is reduced to a subspecies of B. tenuifolium. Hitherto subspecific (to B. davisii) B. marmarisense is raised to full species rank. The names Biarum abbreviatum, B. aleppicum, B. anguillare, B. arundanum, B. bovei ssp. disparvar. purpureum, B. bovei ssp. dispar var. zanonii, B. cupanianum, B. platyspathum, B. spruneri, B. straussi, B. tenuifolium var. latifolium, B. zelebori, Cyllenium carduchorum, Ischarum crispulum, 1. jraasianum, 1. kotschyi and 1. nobile are lectotypified. Ischarum pyrami is epitypified. A key to all taxa is provided.


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