Journal of the International Aroid Society, Inc.
Volume 20, Number 1 (1997); Pages 13-26
Observations on New World Araceae--Lasieae
By Julius O. Boos     (Buy)


Three neotropical Lasioids were cultivated and studied over a period of years. Observations were made which add to our knowledge of these poorly studied plants, some previously known only from a few herbarium specimens. Further research is urgently needed both in the lab and field as continuing deforestation seriously threatens the survival of several species in the wild. In addition, the culture of these semi-aquatic plants has proven difficult, and their survival in most collections is normally very short term. Methods for their successful cultivation have been outlined (Boos, 1993) and research continues to improve their long term survival. The genus Urospatba is in urgent need of revision. Two of the three described species of Anapbyllopsis are known only from a Single herbarium sheet.


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