Journal of the International Aroid Society, Inc.
Volume 23, Number 1 (2000); Pages 26-30
A new record of Anthurium sarukhanianum (Araceae) to Chiapas
By Thomas B. Croat and M. A. Pérez-Farrera     (Buy)


Antburium sarukhanianum Croat & Haager is recorded for Chiapas, Mexico. It is most closely related to A. balmoorei from west central Mexico but is similar to A. schlechtendalii. It differs from the former principally in the shape of its spadix and the petiole cross-sectional shape. It differs from A. scblecbtendalii by the shape of the spadix and spathe, by berry color and by the shape of the petiole and apex of blade. The record of A. sarukbanianum in Chiapas constitutes a considerable range extension from the only site previously known in the state of Guerrero in west central Mexico. Fruit color is reported for the A. sarukbanianum for the first time. The species produces yellow-orange berries similar to the yellow berries of A. balmoorei; another species in section Pacbyneurium from western Mexico.


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