Journal of the International Aroid Society, Inc.
Volume 23, Number 1 (2000); Pages 56-81
Araceae of campos
By C.M. Sakuragui     (Buy)


The campo rupestre vegetation is a montane, predominantly herbaceous plant formation that occurs mostly above 800 m. The Araceae, a family with greatest diversity in humid tropical forest habitats, has relatively few species in the Brazilian campos rupestres. However after an intensive fieldwork program a high proportion of species present were found to be new and endemic to the region. In the study ten species were recognized, one (Anthurium montezumense) being new to science. The species recognized are: Anthurium affine, Anthurium minarum, Anthurium montezumense, Anthurium mourae, Philodendron aeutatum, Philodendron adamantinum, Philodendron biribirense, Philodendron cipoense, Philodendron rhizomatosum and Philodendron uliginosum. The work has resulted in the production of keys to the genera and species, descriptions and commentary variously for the species.


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