Journal of the International Aroid Society, Inc.
Volume 38E, Number 2 (2015); Pages 67-122
Araceae of Parque Nacional Natural de Las Orquídeas, Colombia
By Thomas B. Croat, Mackenzie Hempe and Carla V. Kostelac     (Read)


A total of 16 new species of Anthurium are described as new to science: Anthurium abajoense Croat & A. Zuluaga, A. alcogolloi Croat, A. blanquitense Croat, A. curtipendunculum Croat, A. dabeibaense Croat, A. elquincense Croat, A. espiranzaense Croat & A. Zuluaga, A. frontinoense Croat & A. Zuluaga, A. hempeanum Croat, A. juanguillermoi Croat, A. ovidioi Croat, A. pedrazae Croat & A. Zuluaga, A. paloense Croat, A. sneidernii Croat, A. tortuosum Croat, and A. triangulopetiolum Croat.


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