Journal of the International Aroid Society, Inc.
Volume 39, Number 1 (2016); Pages 26-315
Revision of Philodendron from the Lita-San Lorenzo Region (Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador)
By Thomas B. Croat, X. Delannay, Sloan Duncan and Carla V. Kostelac     (Buy)


This paper describes seventy-four species of Philodendron from NW Ecuador, largely from Esmeraldas Province. Twenty-eight species are new to science: Philodendron alatisulcatum Croat, P. alatiundulatum Croat, P. angosturense Croat, P. anthracyne Croat, P. bethoweniae Croat, P. bonifaziae Croat, P. curvipetiolatum Croat, P. delannayi Croat, P. delgadoi Croat & Delannay, P. ellipticum Croat, P. esmeraldense Croat, P. fibraecataphyllum M. M. Mora & Croat, P. gardeniodorum Croat, D. P. Hannon & Delannay, P. hannoniae Croat, P. jimenae Croat, P. luteonervium Croat, P. lynnhannoniae Croat, P. magnum Croat, P. mansellii Croat, P. melanoneuron Croat, P. melanum Croat, P. mentiens Croat & Delannay, P. ovatoluteum Croat, P. pambilarense Croat, P. parvidactylum Croat, P. profundisulcatum Croat, P. quelalii Croat & T. Mines, P. rugapetiolatum Croat and P. sharoniae Croat. In addition to these twenty-eight new species, nine additional unpublished species (all sterile and therefore not published here as new) are also described. One more species included here, P. fibraecataphyllum M. M. Mora & Croat, is in press in another journal. All species are described in detail and illustrated and an identification key is provided.


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