Journal of the International Aroid Society, Inc.
Volume 31, Number 1 (2008); Pages 107-112
Additional notes on Philodendron xanadu (Araceae)
By Julius O. Boos     (Buy)


Philodendmn xanadu Croat, Mayo & Boos was described in 2002 as a new species of Philodendron, and is a member of the subgenus or section Meconostigma, the "self-heading" philodendrons. In this description it is stated that this species differs from other members of the group of the subgenus by its nearly complete lack of posterior lobes on its leaf blades, and the weakly developed posterior ribs. Further observations have proven this statement to be in error, although other distinguishing characters remain. The changes that should be made in the description are laid out. The probable effects of chemicals used in the tissue culture process which affect the appearance and size of the many thousands of commercially produced specimens of this Philodendron species are briefly discussed.


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