Aroideana Volume 1

Volume 1 from 1978 contains 19 articles in 3 Issues.

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Author Title
Simon J. MayoAroid-hunting in Bahai, Brazil
Thomas B. CroatDr. Eizi Matuda, Mexican Aroid Specialist, 1894-1978
Michael MadisonAroid literature: The Aroids of Mexico
Michael MadisonA new species of Xanthosoma from Ecuador
Simon J. MayoThe aroid collection of Roberto Burle-Marx
 AnonymousFirst Prize in the Miami show
Michael MadisonThe Anthurium leuconeurum confusion
Michael MadisonAroid profile no. 1: Monstera deliciosa
Michael MadisonPhilodendron frits-wentii rediscovered
Michael MadisonOn the names of aroids
Michael MadisonIntroductory remarks
Michael MadisonThe genera of Araceae in the northern Andes
Thomas B. CroatA new Anthurium from Panama
Michael MadisonPotting media for epiphytic aroids
 AnonymousPhotograph: Dr. Eizi Matuda (1894-1978), authority on the Araceae of Mexico, with Tillandsia superinsignis Matuda (photo courtesy J. Bogner)
J. BognerA critical list of the aroid genera
Michael MadisonThe aroid collections at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens
Harald RiedlHeinrich Wilhelm Schott as a developmental morphologist
Michael MadisonAroid profile no. 2: Anthurium lilacinum