Aroideana Volume 3

Volume 3 from 1980 contains 34 articles in 4 Issues.

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Author Title
J. BognerThe genus Scaphispatha Brong. ex Schott
Mark D. MofflerQualitative observations on tropical aroid cold tolerance
Harald RiedlOn two aroids described in Russell's Natural History of Aleppo (1794)
Harald RiedlTentative keys for the identification of species in Biarum and Eminium, with notes of some taxa included in Biarum
Michael MadisonAroid literature
Simon MayoBiarums for pleasure
Michael Madison and Charles Marden FitchShort communications
Simmon MayoAroid symposium at Selby Gardens
R. J. Henny and Eleanor M. RasmussenGrowing and breeding Dieffenbachia
Marianne KnechtThe uses of Araceae in African folklore and traditional medicine
J. BognerSamuel Buchet 1875-1956
Michael MadisonAroid profile no. 6: Anthurium andreanum
Robert DresslerA new name for the dwarf purple anthurium
Mark D. Moffler, Thomas B. Croat and Craig PhillipsShort communications
Harald RiedlThe importance of ecology for generic and specific differentiation in the Araceae-Aroideae
Fred DortortIn the forests of Costa Rica
Fanny Lee PhillipsOn coping with monster
J. Richard SheltonAroid profile no. 7: Gymnostachys anceps
Libby BesseThe native south Florida aroids
Michael MadisonA new species of Ulearum from Brazil
R. J. Henny and Eleanor M. RasmussenStimulation of flowers in Dieffenbachia
R. J. Henny and Eleanor M. RasmussenProducing Dieffenbachia from seeds
Richard C. Sheffer, William L. Theobald and Haruyuki KamenotoTaxonomy of Anthurium scandens (Araceae)
 AnonymousShort communications
J. BognerOn two Nephthytis species from Gabon and Ghana
Niels JacobsenDoes Cryptocoryne ferruginea flower at full moon?
Michael MadisonAroid literature: Three dissertations and monographs
Niels JacobsenA new species of Cryptocoryne from Sumatra
B. Frank BrownAglaonema: New discoveries, new hybrids, and related knowledge
Dow Arien, Vince Sims and Joe WrightShort communications
Tom RaySyngonium oduberi (Araceae): A new species from the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica
Craig PhillipsAroids in the public aquarium
J. BognerThe genus Bucephalandra Schott