Mr. Denis Rotolante

Silver Krome Gardens
P.O. Box 901673
Homestead, FL 33090-1673

Phone: 305-245-4804
Fax: 305-245-6437

Bill Rotolante


I am a second generation nurseryman. I have been growing Aroids personally and professionally since 1998. I grow over 100,000 Aroids per year at my family owned wholesale nursery. I have experience growing Anthurium, Alocasia, Philodendron, Amorphophallus, Colocasia, Xanthosoma, Cyrtosperma, Stylochaeton, Synandrospadix, Homalomena, Epiprimnum, Scindapsus, and Caladium. I am an avid Anthurium breeder. I have 6 hybrids in tissue culture right now and more on the way. I am a multiple IAS award winner for my plants at the annual show and sale. I have been helping the IAS with the Aroid Show every year since 1998. I also helped with the Ramble when The IAS had a booth there. I have been the keeper of the back issues of Aroidiana for many years now. I keep all of the IAS stock plants alive at my nursery for the auction every year. I bring many of the plants that are for sale at the show every year. I spend countless hours preparing the show plants so the IAS will have a beautiful display every year. I donate many of my own plants to the auction every year to help support the IAS.