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  [Aroid-l] Native name for Dracontium/Bothrops/snake-bite
From: <ju-bo at msn.com> on 2010.03.28 at 06:05:53
Dear All=2C

Here you go---the word ''Jergon'' is a native name for one of the Bothrops sps. in that area.


From: plantguy@zoominternet.net
To: aroid-l@gizmoworks.com
Date: Sat=2C 27 Mar 2010 11:51:30 -0400
Subject: Re: [Aroid-l] aroids as medicines including againt snake bite!

Hi Steve=2C
There is a HUGE market for Jergon Sacha (Dracontium) coming out of South America for virtually everything that ails you and there have supposedly even been some clinical trials I believe. =3B If you Google either Dracontium or Jergon Sacha you will find a wealth of information.
You can also buy powdered =3BAmorphophallus konjac for all of your aches and pains of course.
The =3Breal question is have there been any serious clinical trials to substantiate these claims? =3B I realize that these sorts of studies are normally well behind the reality people know on the ground=2C but ultimately I think they are required both for medicine and for making people want to protect =3Btheir native species.
Hope this helps your research!
By the way=2C Steve M.=2C I recently tried to post a pic of my Dracontium polyphyllum that is in bloom=2C but it never seems to have made it through......any ideas on why this is?
Gibsonia=2C PA
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Sent: Saturday=2C March 27=2C 2010 8:56 AM
Subject: [Aroid-l] aroids as medicines including againt snake bite!

I am curious if any of you know anything about the use of aroids as a medicine. =3B I have had a brief discussion with a friend in Ecuador about the possibility the oxalates in the juices of some of some aroids counteracting the venom of snakes. =3B =3B

Pete Boyce has a mention of this in his paper A review of Alocasia (Araceae: Colocasieae) for Thailand including a novel species and new species records from South-West Thailand in regard to Alocasia cucullata and my friend in Ecuador explained Anthurium species and other aroids that "bleed" white are used as an "ant-bite" =3B while "clear bleeders" are considered to be better against snakes. =3B In Ecuador Caladium is also used by the Shuar and jungle Kichua to treat snakebites. =3B

Julius=2C since you are our resident expert on Caladium=2C tell us what you know!


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