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  New website and E-mail address--Kaichen
From: "Dr. C. R. Waldron" <cwaldron at frognet.net> on 1998.10.08 at 13:01:30(2665)
Received the following information from Chen Yi of Kaichen Greenhouse, China


From: Don Martinson <dmartin at post.its.mcw.edu> on 1998.10.08 at 21:09:02(2666)
>Received the following information from Chen Yi of Kaichen Greenhouse, China
From: goroff at idcnet.com (Iza & Carol Goroff) on 1998.10.09 at 03:53:35(2671)
I do not believe that there was undue problems with identification.
Identification is always difficult when dealing with new material. None of
the material I received had any sign of disease. I tried the new Web site
and was surprised that the name was changed from Kaichen. Is there still a
Kaichen operated by someone else?

Iza Goroff

From: Wilbert Hetterscheid <hetter at vkc.nl> on 1998.10.09 at 14:40:43(2672)
Clarence and group,

I have accessed this new site of mr. Chen Yi and found it to be slow in
the extreme, especially trying to open the photos, which often partly
failed and showed partly scrambled photos. Although it is said in the
introduction that taxonomists have checked the names with the pictures,
the result is not encouraging. I opened (5-10 minutes per photo!!) three
and all three had wrong names. The photo of Arisaema franchetianum
contained a pic of a species of the consanguineum-erubescens alliance,
that of Ar. fargesii is probably franchetianum (more specifically the
"purpureogaleatum"-aspect of that species) and there was another one
that I forgot. Anyway, maybe somebody can download the pics, if that is
allowed and compile them into a fast-accessable site so they can be
checked for identity. I hope that may help in future disappointments
with orders, as we have all experienced so often. I think that mr. Chen
Yi's assortment is great beyond doubt and his prices seem fair, so all
the more reason to try and get what we think we order.


From: "Dr. C. R. Waldron" <cwaldron at frognet.net> on 1998.10.09 at 20:22:37(2677)
My experience was just the opposite. Downloads, including pics were
exceptionally fast--a couple of seconds each. The taxonomical problems
I leave to you.


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