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  purchase plant
From: wounddr at mail.mia.bellsouth.net on 1999.01.27 at 01:59:59(2956)
Looking for the following two plants:
Anthurium waroquianum
Ludovia integrifolia

From: "Scott Lucas" <htbg at ilhawaii.net> on 1999.01.27 at 05:27:03(2957)
Unfortunately, we do not offer a wide variety of tropical plants for sale.
I believe that the two species you are looking for are available from
Glasshouse Works. You can find them on the web at www.glasshouseworks.com

You will find the Anthurium waraquianum an expensive item to acquire.


Scott Lucas

From: FAMFORFUN at aol.com on 1999.01.28 at 04:06:10(2958)
Be careful with glasshouse works. The last time I bought plants from them
they were half the size they stated on the phone and I paid dearly for the
From: Walter Greenwood <gator at rad.arad.upmc.edu> on 1999.01.28 at 17:22:04(2961)
Yes Anth. waroq. is an expensive plant, but...

The most expensive tie I ever purchased is a Ralph Lauren with Anthurium
waroqueanum all over it. I selected it from the locked glass case in one
of our high-priced department stores, and when I got home and pulled it
out of the box, I found that the plant is hanging upside-down!

It needs no watering, and survives Pittsburgh winters unprotected, but
perhaps I would have done better to spend the money on the real thing.

- Walter Greenwood

From: Jmh98law at aol.com on 1999.01.29 at 16:48:18(2962)
In a message dated 1/28/99 9:10:12 AM Pacific Standard Time, Walter Greenwood
University of Pittsburgh wrote in response to an inquiry about a source for
From: "Beth Cosgriff" <bcosgriff at lehmann.mobot.org> on 1999.01.29 at 19:16:12(2963)
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 10:45:23 -0600
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To: bcosgriff@lehmann.mobot.org
From: Betsytrips at aol.com on 1999.01.29 at 22:06:51(2964)
This plant bug can be devastating and compulsive. Those of us who have
collected in foreign lands certainly have gotten bit with the bug. I have
always wondered how some have the ability to collect some specific genus and
been able to leave the rest alone. Then comes the question...what is a thief.
Do any of us own a plant, a life, or is it only loaned to us like a child for
some period of time....often time between life and death unfortunately. I
guess we get into the legalities of the issue and the rarety or perceived
rarety of the plant. Well, to make a long story short, I am as guillty of the
habit as are many others. Perhaps the habit is only a symbol of where we are
on our spiritual path. Now I have opened pandora's box. Have at it if you wish
or leave it alone if it is too close to home.

As to the book, sounds interesting....might be fun to read. Has anyone read it
so they might give a critique of it from a collector's point of view?


From: "Scott Lucas" <htbg at ilhawaii.net> on 1999.01.30 at 03:07:50(2966)
Took the opportunity to view reviews of "The Orchid Thief" on Amazon.com.
Interesting reviews on what is probably a most interesting book. I am most
intrigued about what she has to say about DEWEY FISK and perhaps some of the
other people in Florida that I know.

Scott Lucas

From: plantnut at macconnect.com (Dewey Fisk) on 1999.01.30 at 03:50:00(2969)
Yes Scott, I would like to know what she said about me also....

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