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  A. titanum leaf curl
From: B Piilani Brady citromatic at yahoo.com> on 2000.03.30 at 03:54:04(4274)
Hello fellow aroiders,

I have a young A. titanum about 8" tall that has
started to show some leaf curling. The leaves
are curling upwards along the sides though show
no visible signs of insects or marring. My A.
konjac and paeoniifolius sit next to the titanum
and appear just fine. Any thoughts welcomed.

Happy growing!

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 2000.03.31 at 00:05:31(4276)
Hi There,

Sounds like a little too low on the humidity, the other two can take lower
humidity without showing effects, while A. titanum, being a jungle species,
requires close to 100% humidity? Maybe some of the other A. titanum
growers will have some other suggestions.



From: "Paul Kruse" pkruse2000 at mindspring.com> on 2000.03.31 at 03:30:51(4283)
I have grown A. titanum outside in very dry, dusty conditions, in South
Florida, since 1980. An Australian botanist friend of mine, had two growing
outside in her nursery on St. Croix. The summers there can sometimes
consist of a 6 months drought period. The plants I grew in Florida, without
the benefit of good soil, supplemental water, of fertilizer, only reached
about three feet in height before they bloomed. The two that bloomed had
blooms about the size of dinner plates. When I dug up the plant in St.
Croix, it too was about three feet in,height. The ground was very dusty and
,in spite of no visible roots, the plants were very beautiful.

I did not bother taking my Florida plants with me, when I moved to St.
Croix, because they were so easy to grow that there was no challenge. The
plant from St. Croix is now about nine feet in height and growing in a pot
of good soil in my living room. At this time it has begun going dormant.

From: B Piilani Brady citromatic at yahoo.com> on 2000.04.01 at 15:38:50(4307)
Spot on. Drafts from the overhead fan wafts over
them which could be the culprit. Also, the
Amorphophallus sit by my papayas where the most
duration of light can be found. While I was away
in Calif we actually had sunny weather here in
Seattle and the little beastie wasn't moved out
of the direct sun. The konjac loved it tho...

Thanks again,

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