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  Alocasia name
From: Lester Kallus <lkallus at earthlink.net> on 1997.07.15 at 19:14:49(946)
Is there a difference between Alocasia lowii and Alocasia argyraea?

A couple years ago I purchased an unnamed Alocasia at Home Depot. At the
Washington DC Botanical Garden, I saw it identified as Alocaisa argyraea.
This year, I purchased via mail an Alocasia lowii from the Glasshouse Works
in Ohio. The plants look identical. I'm not sure if one was mislabeled or
if they're the same plant or if there are some subtle differences that my
relatively untrained eye can't recognize.

Any thoughts?

From: plantnut at shadow.net (Dewey Fisk) on 1997.07.16 at 02:45:00(950)
In Aroideana, Vol. 7, Nos. 3 & 4, Page 140, Burnett says "Alocasia x
argyraea Hort. ex Sander (A. longiloba x A. x pucciana) = (A. longiloba x
{A. korthalsii x A. putzeyii}". This says that you might have a hybrid on
your hands.... However, on pages 117 to 119 he says that there is so much
variability in A. lowii that it is difficult to tell the differences...
There is one... A. lowii var. veitchii 'Argentea' that is just as silver on
the leaf as the A. x argyaea that is also shown... So, the differences are
more than the simalarities..

One word of hope... Dr. Alistair Hay is nearing completion of a Revision
of the Genera and as soon as all the technical stuff is published in
journals that most of us will never see... he has promised to do a
complete Aroideana on Alocasias.... THEN, we will have the definitive
word! But, don't hold your breath. This will not be for a couple of years

From: "William Perez" <wperez at ridgway.mobot.org> on 1997.07.21 at 20:55:01(980)
Long time, no hear from me!

Okay, please help me out here quick. I
have some Arum maculatum seeds that I collected while still green.
Yesterday, they turned orange and today they are a nice bright
orange. How soon should I sow these things. Now? How far apart
should I space the individual seeds? What kind of medium should I
use. And last but not least should I water the soil throughout the
whole year or so while they do their underground thing before sending
up a leaf. Oh yes, do they also need a cold treatment?

It's an outstanding specimen that I collected these seeds from. I
was walking along the banks of a river admiring the thousands of
blooming cuckoo pints when this one particular one caught my eye.
the spathe had a wonderful purple blush that increasingly darkend
towards the spathe tip. The spathe itself was longer than any
others and it actually curled back and dropped halfway down in an
undulating fashion. Really beautiful. I felt kind of unethical
wanting to collect the seeds so I only collected half and left the
other half to nature.

If I can get excellent advice from all of you and manage to germinate
many I might just even share them, there's an incentive.

Anyway thanks.

William Perez

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