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  Anthurium bonplandii, Really could use your help!
From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2007.10.30 at 15:10:51(16632)
About a week ago I put up a new page on Anthurium bonplandii. All the information was taken from the orginal botanical text printed in one of Dr. Croat's journals. I'm looking for additional practical information and grower input. I'd love to know if you grow this species and what you've learned about it. Any good photos you will allow me to add to the page would be appreciated since our specimen is quite small. I'll certainly credit you for your photos and information. The photos I've received so far are from the grower who provided our specimen which is now quite small. According to Joep Moonen in Fench Guiana, this species is quite rare in nature. When young it does strongly resemble Anthurium jenmanii which is now extremely popular with growers in Indonesia and is a rather odd birds nest form since it is often found growing on stone and is rarely epiphytic. Anthurium bonplandii is instead normally terrestrial.



Steve Lucas

From: ju-bo at msn.com (Julius Boos) on 2007.11.01 at 09:43:52(16635)
From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2007.11.02 at 06:49:03(16641)
I've been in contact and he gave me some info. I think he must have received a very good price on all his seeds. Sounded good to me!


From: agavestar at covad.net (Michael Mahan) on 2007.11.02 at 06:49:37(16642)
Some large A jennmanii have sold for over a grand on ebay this week . do a
ebay search

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From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2007.11.02 at 21:20:45(16649)
Can't release the source just yet, at least not publicly. But to those who are aroid friends I'll gladly give you the info privately. Bill and Denis, you already are aware of this source. I know of a grower with several hundred of these plants right now. All are small and I'm not sure when he will be willing to sell them, but I can give those with whom I often correspond his name if you'd like so you can get on the list.

Sorry, if you are one of the collectors who is looking to buy a large quantity for resale, I've been asked not to pass along the name. This grower is not ready to sell at this time.

Steve Lucas

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