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From: ExoticRainforest <Steve at ExoticRainforest.com> on 2010.09.25 at 15:13:37(21512)
Everyone, please take the time to read this one!

We are endeavoring to make the IAS Newsletter and portions of Aroideana
much more "user
friendly". Aroideana will remain much the same
since it is a scientific journal but we are also hoping to add several
more horticultural articles to each edition. However, we are also
looking for scientifically based articles that can be useful to growers
as well. If you can offer a good explanation as to why soil should be
mixed in a particular way to benefit a specific group of species, WRITE
ABOUT IT! If you have an unusual collection of Amorphophallus, WRITE
IT! If you are a really good with growing Alocasia or Colocasia, WRITE

I am asking that all of the brilliant minds on this forum consider
doing a brief article for the International Aroid Society
Newsletter or Aroideana. We are specifically looking for horticultural
articles about growing plants in unusual conditions. We need articles
about growing specific genera and anything you may have learned that
may be useful to others. We need articles about the exact same things
we talk about right here!

If you don't consider yourself a "writer" there are those ready to
help! We just need your ideas and input. Remember, eve writers with
thousands of articles to their credit had to write the first one!
Writing is not difficult, just express your ideas.

If you have an idea for the Newsletter please send it to Carla
Kostelac href="mailto:Carla.Kostelac@mobot.org">
still have room for articles in the next issue but we
need to get ready for the first issue of 2011 as well. If you have an
idea for an article for Aroideana please send your recommendations to
Dr. Derek Burch class="moz-txt-link-rfc2396E" href="mailto:derek@horticulturist.com">

The board is now on a mission to increase the membership of the society
and to make the entire society and its publications directed as much as
possible at our members. You are about to see a lot more promotional
material as well as a brand new full color membership brochure.

If you have any ideas please make them known right here! By the way,
this request goes out to all IAS members and if you are a non-member
please make your idea known as well! We really want to see more
articles coming from our members that live in Europe, Asia, The
Caribbean, as well as South and Central America. I know there are some
very good minds in this group because I read what you post all the
time! Just expand on it!

This is your IAS and you can help to make it better!




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