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  [aroid-l] TitanWatch 4/25/03 Web-cam is up and running
From: "Craig Allen" callen at fairchildgarden.org> on 2003.04.25 at 22:34:25(10123)
The big news today is that the 24 hour web cam is installed and working fine. I'm hoping to get some lights up before this evening so you can at least see something at night. Either go to Fairchild's website www.fairchildgarden.org and click Titan Blooms or just hit this link to right to go straight to the web-cam http://www.ftg.org/blooms/At_netcam2003.html

I spent the day getting ready for the Garden's Spring Sale, and didn't have time to finish the Titan display. After looking at the display on the web-can, I think I need to simplify the arrangement. It looks wonderful in person, but on the computer it looks a bit confusing. I'm heading home to rest my tired feet and get rid of my headache. The Amorphophallus gigas on the left started releasing it's "perfume" this morning and I'm wondering if it has anything to do with my headache and slight nausea. The odor is nothing compared to the Titan, but it is still rank. Just in time for our sale. Oh the joy our visitors will get to experience in the morning.

Just out of curiosity we pollinated an Amorphophallus bulbifer with pollen from an Amorphophallus prainii. Hmmmmm... I wonder what a cross of A. gigas and A. bulbifer would look like? Anyway, back to my Titans. I went out to get a final measurement and was hit by another wave to the A. gigas odor. The nausea meter went off the scale. I guess that's it. Tomorrow I will get out the wintergreen oil the coroner gave me a couple of years ago. A little dab under the nose and the nausea is gone in 15 minutes or so.

I just went out and tried the lights, and of course they didn't work. If you check the web-cam and it is totally black its because I didn't get the lights working

Today's Titan Update:

Mr. Stinky - 30" (still can't see a spadix)

Audrey III - 39" (to the right forward in the web-cam)

Craig M. Allen

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