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From: plantnut at shadow.net (Dewey Fisk) on 1997.09.17 at 00:18:38(1254)
Greetings all,

The IAS will have its usual Auction at the annual meeting on September
27-28. This year we thought you might like to get involved and bid on some
of the plants.

It will work this way....

1. Scan the list of plants below and decide what you might like.

2. Send me your TOP bid for each plant in which you have an interest.
Send this privately, not to aroid-l.

3. At the meeting, Alan Galloway will bid for you... If the top bid that we
get from the floor is $50 on a particular plant and you have sent me a
maximum bid of #75, Alan will bid $51 on your behalf.

4. I would then inform you that you should send a check to the IAS for
$51 plus from $5. to $10. for packing and shipping. Larger plants (like
the Anthurium x "Ace of Spades" might be more....)

5. Now, on Friday, September 26th I will send to aroid-l a list of the top
bids from aroid-l for each plant.... omitting the names of bidders...
This will give you
the opportunity to raise your bid... should you care to do so... The
actual Auction will take place on Saturday night, September 27th at
Fairchild Tropical Garden.

6. If you have any questions on this procedure.. E-mail me privately and
I will try to answer your questions... at .


A. Philodendron hybrid.... This is a hybrid between P. goeldii and P.
williamsii. There are less than 5 plants of this particular hybrid that we
are aware of. The hybrid is supposed to have been made by Roborto
Burle-Marx. If you will look up P. williamsii in Exotica and then
Traumatophyllum spruceii, which is the old name for P. goeldii and mentally
cross them, you will have an idea of this beautiful plant. It gets large!
Each leaf will get to over 24 inches wide and about 30 inches long. It is
palmate with wide leaflets. The growth habit is similar to that of P.
selloum. It is currently in a 10" pot. Anticipated price at
Auction....$200.00 plus.

B. Anthurium venossum.... This is really the rare one from Cuba. The
parent of this plant was collected in Cuba over 30 years ago. See Dr.
Croat's "A Revision of Anthurium, Section Pachyneurium" page 850. A
division of THAT plant is offered. Anticipated price at Auction....$50.

C. Homalomena wendlandii (or punctatum.....) Beautiful plant that will
reach 3 ft. or more. Leaves are the size of dinner plates and are peltate.
I like the sort of velour texture of the foliage. A plant will carry
up to ten-plus leaves when mature... Anticipated price at Auction....

D. Alocasia aquino... The Silver One. This plant was named for the
President of the Philippines. The long slender foliage is elegant in that
it seems to be brushed with a greenish silver... Beautiful....
Anticipated price at Auction.... $20.

E. Amorphophallus albispathus... (Croat 61151) See Aroideana Vol 19.
Unfortunately there is not a picture on the IAS Web Page yet. Anticipated
price at Auction..... $30

F. Amorphophallus curvistylis... Again, no picture on the Web but see
Aroideana Vo. 19. Anticipated price at Auction..... $40.

G. Amorphophallus muelleri...
See... or
Aroideana Vol. 19. Anticipated price at Auction..... $25.

H. Amorphophallus odoratus... See
or Aroideana,
Vol. 19. Anticipated price at Auction..... $25.


I. Amorphophallus pendulus... These plants are from seed collected in
West Kalimantan, Borneo and were germinated in vitro. The plants are small
at this time... only 2 to 3 inches high but they are healthy and very
rare...See: .
Anticipated price at Auction... $35.

J. Philodendron sp. "Santa Leopoldina". Yes, this is the much desired
plant. Presently, it is said to be one of the rarest of the
Philodendrons. You
may see a picture of this plant in Aroideana, Vol. 6 No.1. It has very
narrow leaves that will get to over four ft. long. Red on the back and
emerald green on the face of the leaf... The plant available this year
has 6 or 7 leaves and the largest is about 16" long. Last year two of
these plants, about the same size,
from the Bette Waterbury Estate, were auctioned. One went for $175.00 and
the other, which was a bit larger and could be devided, went for $280.
This plant has risen in popularity during the past year and I anticipate
that the one plant available will go for, at least or approaching, $500.00

K. Alocasia x uhinkii. Aroideana, Vol. 7 Nos. 3-4 says "Alocasia x uhinkii
Hort. (A. cuprea x A. plumbea) The hybrid is described as having
shield-like, peltate leaves about 22" long by 16" wide with the lobes
connate to about two-thirds of their length. The upper surface of the
leaves is grey-green while the lower surface is metallic-purple."
Anticipated price at Auction... $35.00

L. Anthurium x "Ace of Spades"... This is a real beauty! It is in a
seven gallon pot and is currently it is carrying 7-8 leaves that are about
18" x 18". The veins are not prominent but the dark black foliage is
really a Show Stopper. The inflorescence is typical of the A. crystalinum
type and is not colorful. Anticipate price at Auction.... $250.

Well, there it is! We have tried to include as many as we can in the
Auction and this is one way to do it. Again, if you have any questions,
e-mail me at .


Send your bids NOW! And do not forget to send them privately.... Do not
send to aroid-l!!! (Any bids sent to aroid-l will be ignored because
everybody will know your bid. So, do not hit the "Reply" button to this

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