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  The Saga Continues.....
From: plantnut at shadow.net (Dewey Fisk) on 1997.09.29 at 13:51:06(1353)
(Sorry, but this is a long message)

Greetings all....

The Saga began early in the week for me... I was looking for a "Panic
Button" to push! The books... "Genera of Araceae" had not arrived and I
was near the panic stage. I did not know what to do because I did not have
the shipping company name or phone number so all I could do was sit and try
to think of where the 'Panic Button" might be so that I could give it a
very hard push. Finally, on Wednesday morning, I received a call from the
Shipping Company that they had seven very heavy boxes for me and that they
would be at my residence in about an hour... Relieved? You bet. I
e-mailed Lynn Hannon... That is where Peter and Party were supposed to be
and I am told that Peter actually slumped in his chair feeling the same
emotion that I had when I received the phone call... All was well in that
area... I will post directly to the people that ordered copies later today
giving cost and directions.

The Books were here and it was almost impossible to get my nose out of 'My
Copy' for the rest of the day. But, things had to be done. Alan Galloway
was arriving that evening and there was still work to be done for the Show.

Thursday was a wonderful day. Alan and I drove over to see the collection
of John Banta and enjoyed wonderful conversation for the 2 1/2 hours each
way of driving.

Friday morning was very busy getting plants ready for the Show. Alan was
very helpful but it was difficult for him to stop looking at this plant or
that one.... Friday afternoon it was off to Fairchild to help set up the
Show. On the way down, we had to stop off in Hialeah, FL to pick up the
new Coffee Mugs that the IAS has for sale. Needless to say, we were caught
in one very large traffic jam and were late in getting to Fairchild.
Anyone that has ever driven through Hileah will understand this...

Amy Donovan and Tricia Frank had everything under complete control when we
arrived at Fairchild. They had marshelled all the forces and things were
going like clockwork under their direction. Alan and I meshed into the
fray and did what we could.

Saturday morning, everything was in place and the Auditorium at Fairchild
was truly an Aroid Lovers House of Dreams. The Show Plants were in the
center of the room and the outside areas were loaded with plants for sale.
Needless to say, there was one great sucking sound as the purchased plants
went out the door and into waiting cars and trucks.

Saturday afternoon, there was a small gathering in my collection and those
present were "oh..ing and ah..ing" and even though I did not think the
Collection was up to the standards that I would have liked it to be, all
seemed to enjoy themselves.

The Banquet on Saturday night was the most fun of all... Conversation was
punctuated with several types of cheeses and wine and a very large bowl of
Cocktail Shrimp. Mary Anderson, who has Catered our dinners for years,
really did herself proud this time. First there was a chicken and rice
dish... I think it was 'Arose con Puyo' (pardon my spelling), fried
plantain (my favorite), Roast Pork (rosted Cuban Style) and the ever
present "Black Beans and Rice". There were two kinds of salad, a leafy
green salad and a large bowl of fruit salad. All of this was followed by
several kinds of Cookies, Chocolate Cake and Carrot Cake. Everyone was
invited to have seconds and there was enough left over for lunch for the
'Crew' on Sunday.

The Auction followed the Dinner. Julius Boos and I were the Auctioneers.
Bidding was, at times, fast and heated. Competition was at it's highest
peak, due in part to the wonderful bids received from some of you on
aroid-l. This created an air of mystery. No one could judge just how high
Alan could bid based on your directions. I will try to get a list of the
plants that were auctioned and post that later this week.. I can tell you
this, Philodendron 'Santa Leopoldina' created the most excitement. Next
in line on the Excitement Scale were two plants, Philodendron hybrid of P.
goeldii x P. williamsii and Anthurium x Montefortenense (a hybrid of A.
veitchii and A. andreanum). This plant had a very large and very red
inflorescence and was exceptionally well grown. It was an unexpected, but
most welcomed, donation to the Society.

Sunday Morning, there was the Breakfast of Aroid-Lers... but, I just could
not get out of bed in time to go. Very sorry I missed that one...

Later on Sunday morning it was... take Alan to the Airport and go to
Fairchile for a Board of Directors Meeting.

Tom Croat, Peter and Gil Boyce followed me home for a very short look at
the collection. It was short because of the 'Liquid Sunshine' that
inundated us. But, the time during the rain was well spent with Peter
autographing all of your copies of 'Genera...' and Gil acted as a very able
assistant in unpacking the volumes and repacking. If you did not order a
copy and think you might want one after seeing all of the raves that I am
sure will come, I have a very limited number of copies that Peter
autographed and left for the IAS to sell.

Also, Peter donated an autographed copy to the International Aroid
Societies Library. This was wonderful of him and we truly appreciate his

The day ended at a local restaurant where the four of us enjoyed a
delicious dinner.

Enjoyed...? Had fun....? Oh, you bet. But, all good things have to end
and we will just have to wait till next year to do it all over again.

Next year, we would like to see YOU!!!!!!

Regards and good growin'

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