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  [Aroid-l] Re: Spider Mites
From: "Leo A. Martin" <leo at possi.org> on 2007.05.08 at 00:05:34(15659)
I just found this message; I know you've beaten it to death. I like to use
water spray and keep the humidity up. That works just fine to control
mites. They only cause trouble for my plants when I'm lazy.

Spraying isopropyl alcohol also works fine. I suppose vodka would do but I
like to save it for guests.

But, I know some people just have to use poison when critters damage their
plants or they don't feel like they're really gardeners. For those of you,
keep reading.

2-spot spider mites are 8-legged beasties, not insects. Their relatives
include spiders, lice and ticks on land, and crabs and lobster in the
ocean. Several mite relatives cause annoyance to humans when, during
"extremely close contact" with the wrong sort of people, they jump to the
new host and cause intense itching in certain normally-unseen places.

The treatment is to apply a shampoo containing a miticide. In the USA one
such product is called Kwell [trademark.] I think it contains lindane as
the active miticide. You poisoners out there might go to your pharmacist
and tell him/her you have crabs. Then, take the shampoo, dilute it, and
spray on your plants. Nobody has to know you don't really have crabs.

That reminds me of a really funny pharmacist joke but I certainly can't
write it here. Write me privately if you want to read it.

Leo Martin

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