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  Sauromatum venosum
From: "Bonaventure W Magrys" <magrysbo at shu.edu> on 1999.07.12 at 04:20:24(3492)
Help, I think I have some young voodoo lilies (Sauromatum venosum) sprouting up
in my Arisaema area. They have been growing bordering this area of Arisaema for
extra shade. A warning to anyone - do not ever let your Sauromatum mature and
disperse seed. Also it is very difficult to screen out from the soil all offsets
that break off the parent bulbs when they are dug out. I think also that
squirrels may dig them out and disperse them, they are now in all my beds, or
maybe its goblins they attract, it looks it!
Anyway my question is how do you tell a small plant apart from Arisaema flavum -
which has similar leaf shape? The Sauromatum stems have none or very subdued
mottling when grown in shade. Or A. tortuosum, which as I recall last year was
mottled and looked very much like it. I have to wait till my small definite
tortuosums finish leafing out for comparison this year. Also some plants are
definitly flavum and have metal, not long gone plastic labels from last year,
but still look almost indistinguishable from small voodoo plants. But others I'm
not sure of and I dont want to weed out the wrong thing. Is there a sure fire
way to tell other than waiting for them to get really huge and then bloom?
How long for Arisaema triphyllum x nepenthoides seed to germinate?
Bonaventure Magrys
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