Aroid Cultivar Registry
The International Aroid Society is the official registrar for the Araceae, with the exception of Calla L. & Zantedeschia. Click here for a list of genera.

Here you will find listings of known cultivars, listings of officially registered cultivars, and a form for submitting additional cultivars for registry.

Dr. Derek Burch is responsible for coordinating this registry, and he may be contacted here.

How to Name a Cultivar:
A useful essay on cultivar naming from the ISHS is available here.

To be officially recognized, a basic description of any cultivar must first have been published in paper form. A entry in a paper catalog or plant patent is sufficient, but in order to assist with this type of publication, the IAS will be publishing some descriptions in Aroideana in order to make them eligible for registration. You can submit a cultivar for publication ( the first step towards registration ) using the short form here.

Known Cultivars of Araceae:
The lists of cultivars in common use have been added to the cultivar database. To search for cultivars in a particular genus, simply enter the name of the genus in the search box below.

If you know of or find already published cultivar names that are not in the database, please e-mail them with as much additional information as possible to Albert Huntington so they can be added as legacy entries.

You may also submit an already published entry for inclusion in the database here.

Search the Database:
You can search the IAS cultivar database of over 2200 cultivar names, including those currently in the submission process and legacy names. Just type your genus, species or cultivar name here:

Search Cultivars:

NOTE: Single word searches work best, or leave blank to see all listings.

The Aroid cultivar registry is now open for submissions.
During this early phase of operation, submissions for registration are accepted at no charge.
Please click here to access the registration submission form. Although you are encouraged to provide as much information as you know about the plant in question, the only absolutely required information is the your name and contact information and the name of the plant.

Registered Cultivars of Araceae:
Cultivars which have completed the registration process and been published in Aroideana may be found through the search form above, marked as registered.