Alocasia ‘Mayan Mask’

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The Originator

(Breed by Brian Williams of Brians Botanicals Nursery)

The Namer

(Brian Williams Email )


(Odora) x (Amazonica)


Aug 28 2013 introduction

Name Derivation

New distinct form with off white veins dark green leaves and maroon undersides. Chosen for best coloration and hardiness.

Naming and Publication


Aug 2013 Sold by AG3 and Brians Botanicals

Patents and Trademarks

Patent number 24391 / Trademarked under Mask Series


===Habit===Mature plants reach 6 feet tall with an upright leaf habit. Hardy zone 7b and up. Produces large corms softball size or larger.

[[File:Mayan Mask (20) (Medium).JPG

]]===Leaf=== Size, shape, color and texture of leaf and petiole.

Flower and Fruit

Mayan Mask (7) (Medium) (2).JPG===Unique Characteristics=== This hybrid differs from others due to the coloration on an upright leaf with added hardiness. These features made it a great use for large containers or a landscape plant for both in the subtropics and a seasonal plant for zone 6 and lower.

[[File:Mayan Mask (20) (Medium).JPG

]]==Photos== Include photos of plant habit, inflorescence, leaf detail, fruit, etc. [[File:|thumb|none]]