Amorphophallus ‘F. H. Heine’

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From the breeding program of Cyrille Claudel in Germany TYPE:

Amorphophallus lewallei x Amorphophallus richardsiae

The plant was bred on purpose by crossing Amorphophallus lewallei (female) with Amorphophallus richardsiae (male). This plant was selected for its outstanding beauty and growing properties. It is named in the honor of Frank Heine and in allusion to Heinrich Heine, a German poet and journalist.


The leaf is plain green and looks very similar to a leaf from A. lewallei, the female parent. But the inflorescence is unique by merging the spathe colors from both parental species in a subtle way leading to an inflorescence with a bright green "kettle", crested with a green and red upeer part. The tuber is disciform and form rhizomatous offsets. It reaches a diameter up to 24 cm, weighing up to 2400 gram.


Amorphophallus F. H. Heine 1.JPG
Amorphophallus F. H. Heine 2.JPG