Amorphophallus ‘Lyric’

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Selected out of a cross between A. albus x A. konjac

Hybrid raised in the greenhouse of the Hamburg University

Amorphophallus albus x Amorphophallus konjac

The cross was performed on purpose in 2009 and the best growing seedling was selected afterwards. The name 'Lyric' was chosen as to describe the harmonious combination of the green spathe color of A. albus and the purple spathe color of A. konjac.

It is grown in the Hamburg University under the name/number AK 5


It is a cross between A. albus and A. konjac. The leaf looks like a giant A. albus in terms of leaf color and petiole pattern. The inflorescence resembles more the pollen parent A. konjac, though the inflorescence shape is more harmonious than in A. konjac and the spathe base is green like A. albus. It has very good growing and offsetting properties.


Amorphophallus Lyric 1.JPG
Amorphophallus Lyric 2.JPG
Amorphophallus Lyric 3.JPG