Amorphophallus ‘Meister Eckardt’

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From the breeding program of Cyrille Claudel in Germany TYPE:

Amorphophallus albus x Amorphophallus konjac 'Nightstick'

The plant was bred on purpose by crossing Amorphophallus albus (female) with Amorphophallus konjac 'Nightstick'. This plant was selected for its outstanding beauty and growing properties. The name was chosen in honor of Frank Eckardt and in allusion to Meister Eckart a german philosopher.


Being a hybrid between two distinct species it merges several characteristics in an unique combination. The copperish spathe color is unique especially in combination with an uniformely colored petiole and peduncle. The petiole is shorter than the width of the leaf. Petiole and peduncle are green when emerging, turning slightly darker when maturing. The petiole turns slightly blackish, the peduncle slightly reddish. The tubers formed are nearly round, the overall diameter seldom exceeds 15 cm, the weight seldom exceeds 1200 gram. This cultivar forms many offsets up to 40 per growing season. Most of them are rhizomatous like in A. albus, a few ones small and round like in A. konjac.


Amorphophallus Meister Eckardt 1.JPG
Amorphophallus Meister Eckardt 2.JPG
Amorphophallus Meister Eckardt 3.JPG