Amorphophallus konjac 'Gordon's Gold'

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The Originator

Dave Gordon, a collector of plants with variegated and colorful foliage, who had a sales catalog called Mutant Palms (no longer in existence).

The Namer

Dave Gordon


an isolated mutant supposedly the result of a radiation breeding program but this has never been published


at least 20 years ago

Name Derivation

The name was chosen because of the yellow leaf color and the last name of the originator



Morphologically ‘Gordon’s Gold’ is no different from typical wild-type A. konjac. It has a mottled petiole and purple spadix. The distinguishing trait is the leaf color, which is yellow. The intensity depends on the amount of light it receives. It is a highly stable clone. Recent breeding efforts (see A. konjac ‘Sun Shadow’ and A. konjac ‘Solar Flair’) by Michael Marcotrigiano demonstrate that the yellow leaf trait is heritable in the first generation of seedlings and tentatively appears to be codominant and likely a single gene mutation.


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