Amorphophallus konjac 'Sun Shadow'

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The Originator

Michael Marcotrigiano (

The Namer

Michael Marcotrigiano (invent


(Amorphophallus konjac 'Nightstick') x (Amorphophallus 'Gordon's Gold'). The seedling resulted from a purposeful hybridization aimed at combining key ornamental traits that exist in the parental cultivars. Amorphophallus konjac ‘Nightstick’, known for its spotless dark purple petiole, was pollinated with A. konjac ‘Gordon’s Gold’, known for its yellow leaf. Pollinations were performed in 2005. From the 139 seeds produced 121, germinated. Seedlings were screened over several years with eliminations routinely made until only seedlings with bright yellow leaves and a dark petiole without spots remained. Six seedlings met this description and future culling, based on vigor and seasonal consistency in color, was conducted. In year seven, only one seedling was saved, as it had the best combination of traits. All ‘Sun Shadow’ are clonally derived from this seedling.


Pollinations were performed in 2005. Final selection of this clone was in 2013.

Name Derivation

The cultivar name reflects the yellow sunburst leaf, which appears to shade the petiole below in its shadow, rendering it dark.


No publications. The intent is to market it at first on internet auction sites beginning in spring 2018.



Extremely similar to A. konjac 'Nightstick'


There is nothing green about ‘Sun Shadow’. ‘Sun Shadow’ has a stout thick rather short maroon to purple petiole like ‘Nightsick’. The petiole color is less intense than ‘Nightsick’, likely because the background color is lighter on the petiole. It is spot free and can resemble the skin on an eggplant fruit. As with ‘Nightstick’, the color of the petiole becomes more intense during the season and as the plant gets older. The leaf is yellow but the color varies depending on the light level. When receiving morning sun for four hours it can be intense canary yellow. In less light, it is chartreuse. The leaf center is, in most seasons, a bit greener than the leaf margin. The leaf can scorch if it is receiving intense light. Although yellow like ‘Gordon’s Gold’, the leaf morphology does not resemble the more highly dissected typical A. konjac leaf that ‘Gordon’s Gold’ possesses. Instead, it is extremely similar to ‘Nightstick’ – wide and less dissected. The cultivar is maintained by clonal propagation.

Flower and Fruit

Reproductive morphology is similar or identical to wild-type A. konjac.

Unique Characteristics

Petiole and leaf color


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