Amorphophallus variabilis ‘DARK GIANT SLUKA’

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Originator : Indra Wirianto, Jalan Riau, Perum Lily Spring Garden No.15, Pekanbaru, Riau 28292 Indonesia

2013, Dramaga Bogor, Indonesia

The plant was discovered in the university fields where the originator was studying there. The name DARK GIANT SLUKA is from chosen because the petiole is very dark, almost black and the plant attains exceedingly tall stature compared to other cultivar of Amorphophallus variabilis.


Petiole height reaches 170 cm! Amorphophallus variabilis 'DARK GIANT SLUKA' is an easy growing plant, very hardy yet beautiful and robust, they grow in tropical lowlands; secondary vegetation with some shade but never in deep shady forest across of northern Java island, this particular clone has been proved stable and was found in Bogor.

Tuber size may reach up to 25 cm in diameter, weighing up to 3 kg, white in color, and depressed-globose in shape, with numerous annual offsets.

During the vegetative stage it produces a dark olive green-brown to almost black petiole, up to 4 cm in diameter which may reach up to 1.7 m in height with smooth surface. The entire petiole is almost dark olive green-brown-black, suddenly becoming green near the splitting of the lamina. The lamina is up to 125 cm in diameter, the upper surface is very glossy, dark green in colour.

The inflorescence is long peduncled; peduncle as petiole, 100 - 120 cm long, 3 - 4 cm in diameter (base), topped with spathe that is up to 20 cm long. Spadix is sessi­le, usually much longer than spathe, 40 - 60 cm long, thus the entire inflorescence might reach 160 cm!

Spathe exterior is entirely green or dirty green with scatte­red, small, black dots, to the margin suffu­sed with brown, the veins pale gree­nish, while the interior of the spathe is maroon, reddish brown, orange or yello­wish at the base, the rest is creamy white. The spathe base interior has numerous, small, lateral­ly flattened warts and oozing out a clear fluid during anthesis. The spathe is erect, acute triangular and elongate in shape with a slight constriction between base and limb.


Amorphophallus Dark Giant Sluka 1.JPG
Amorphophallus Dark Giant Sluka 2.JPG
Amorphophallus Dark Giant Sluka 3.JPG