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Anthurium lentii Croat & Baker,

Brenesia 16(Supl. I): 56. 1979. TYPE: Panama. Chiriquí: vicinity of Cerro Colorado Mine Development, 28 mi. above San Felix, 1,200-1,500 m, Croat 33204 (MO 2381193, ho-lotype; F, K, PMA, US, VEN, isotypes; Live at MO).

Epiphytic or terrestrial, 56-120 cm tall; stems usually short, stout, 2-3 cm diam., cataphylls turning brown, remaining intact, eventually splitting; petioles 10-70 cm long, (5-)8-9 mm diam., broadly sulcate above sheath, more deeply sulcate near apex with acute margins, rounded abaxially; blades ovate to narrowly ovate, coriaceous, semicrect or spreading from petioles, truncate to subcordate or cordate at base, 15-50 cm long, 12.5-37 cm wide. Inflorescence erect to spreading; peduncle (23-)30-88 cm long, 5-10 mm diam., terete, frequently mottled with purple, two-thirds to three times longer than petioles; spathe coriaceous, green tinged with purple, narrowly ovate-oblong to oblong-lanceolate, (5-)8-14 cm long, (1-)2.8-3.9 cm wide, stipe 5-25 mm long; spadix violet purple, (6-) 12-2 5 cm long, (6-)8-13 mm diam. at base; immature berries white, oblong-linear, square in cross-section, ca. 10 mm long; mature berries purple-violet, 1.3-1.5 cm long, ovoid and prominently beaked, the basal portion 6.5-8.5 mm diam., round in cross-section, the beak reddish violet. See Croat (1983: 310) for a more complete description.

The species ranges from Costa Rica to Colombia (mountains of northwest Choco adjacent to Panama) at elevations of 350 to 1,800 m. It occurs only along the central cordillera. In Panama, the species has been collected in premontane wet, tropical wet, and lower montane wet forest from Cerro Colorado in Chiriquí Province to the Cerro Jefe region in Panama Province and then appears again only near the Colombian border in Darien. Anthurium lentii is in section Digitinervium and can be recognized by its thick, distinctively bicolorous, heavily punctate, truncate to cordate leaf blades with several heavy, prominently ascending basal veins. Another distinctive feature includes the prominently exserted pistils.

Map of Mesoamerican specimens with coordinates

Costa Rica Lim—n: 800 m, 9.24.10N 83.20.00W, 24 July 1989, Gerardo Herrera 3331 (MO).
Costa Rica Lim—n: 1300 m, 9.24.15N 83.05.15W, 6 Mar. 1992, Herrera 5184 (MO, CR).
Costa Rica Lim—n: P.N. Cordillera de Talamanca; Cordillera de Talamanca, 1650 m, 09.23.25N 83.12.55W, 27 March 1993, Gerardo Herrera 6048 (CR, MO). Costa Rica Lim—n: Cordillera de Talamanca, 1200-1300 m, 09.45N 83.19W, 16 Aug 1995, Grayum 11021 (INB, MO).
Panama : 1500 m, 8.35N 81.50W, 8 July 1988, Thomas B. Croat 69197 (MO,US).
Panama Bocas del Toro: 310 m, 8.45N 82.10W, 9 March 1985, T.B. Croat & M.H. Grayum 60138 (MO).
Panama Chiriquí: Fortuna Dam Area, 1500 m, 8.43N 82.15W, 27 Feb. 1985, Hampshire & Whitefoord 160 (BM).
Panama Chiriquí: 1200 m,, 6 February 1985, Henk van der Werff & Cor van Hardeveld 6573 (MO).
Panama Chiriquí: 1200 m, 8.45N 82.18W, 23 June 1987, Thomas B. Croat 66718 (MO).
Panama Chiriquí: 8.46N 82.16W, 23 Sept. 1987, Thomas B. Croat 68023 (MO).
Panama Chiriquí: 1250-1550 m, 08.45N 82.15W, 27 June 1987, Gordon McPherson 11095 (MO).
Panama Chiriquí: 1150 m, 8.45N 82.15W, 23 Oct. 1985, Gordon McPherson 7283 (MO).
Panama Chiriquí: 1200 m, 8.42N 82.14W, 15 June 1984, H.W. Churchill 5444 (MO).
Panama Chiriquí: 1200 m, 8.42N 82.14W, 16 June 1984, H.W. Churchill 5464 (MO).
Panama Chiriquí: 08.45N 82.18W, 24 July 1994, Thomas B. Croat & Guanghua Zhu 76398 (MO).
Panama Chiriquí: 1200-1500 m,, 13 Mar. 1976, Thomas B. Croat 33204 (MO).
Panama Darien: 1300-1400 m, 08.04.30N 77.14.00W, 21 octubre 1987, Hermes Cuadros, B. Hammel, G. deNevers y H. Herrera 3954 (MO).
Panama Darien: Parque Nacional del Darién, 1250-1500 m, 8.04.30N 77.14.00W, 20-26 Oct. 1987, Greg de Nevers, H. Cuadros, B. Hammel & H. Herrera 8466 (MO).
Panama Darien: 1300-1500m, 8.09.5N 77.15.0W, 27 Oct 1987, B. Hammel G. de Nevers & H. Herrera 16543 (MO).
Panama Panamá: 800-850 m, 9.20N 79.15W, 20 Nov. 1985, Gordon McPherson 7522 (MO).
Panama Panamá: 850-900 m, 9.15N 79.30W, 3 Nov. 1985, Gordon McPherson 7415 (MO).
Panama San Blas: 325 m, 9.19N 78.35W, 28 Aug. 1984, Greg de Nevers 3779 (MO).