Anthurium Start PageContentsProvisional sectional Placement of Anthurium species of Mexico and Middle AmericaKEY A

Key to Anthurium of Mexico and Middle America

1 a. Leaves palmately lobed or divided; leaf segments more than three or if three, then divided to the base KEY A
1 b. Leaves simple, sometimes lobed.  
  2 a. Leaf blades 3-lobed, the margins constricted near the base of the anterior lobe KEY B
. 2 b. Leaf blades not 3-lobed  
    3 a.Leaf blades cordate or subcordate at base
    4 a. Leaf blades with prominent posterior lobes, conspicuously black punctate below KEY C
    4 b. Leaf blades with posterior lobes, not punctate below or not conspicuously so KEY D
    3b. Leaf blades not cordate or subcordate at base.  
      5a. Leaves punctate on one or both surfaces KEY E
      5b. Leaves not punctate on either surface KEY F