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Anthurium acutifolium Engl. ssp. acutifolium

Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 25: 365. 1898. TYPE: Costa Rica. Puntarenas: along the Río Hakum, Buenos Aires (SE of San Isidro del General), elev. 250 m, Pittier 6539 (B, hololectotype; BR, CR, isolectotypes; designated Croat & Baker, 1979).

Anthurium scopulicola Standl. & L. 0. Wms., Ceiba 3: 105. 1952. TYPE: Costa Rica. Puntarenas: vicinity of Palmar Norte, elev. near sea level, P. H. Alien 5788 (EAP, holotype;F, isotype).
Terrestrial or rarely epiphytic; roots numerous, thick, velutinous; cataphylls persisting as fibrous network, subcoriaceous, 6-10 cm long, acuminate at apex (the acumen apiculate), drying dark tan (B & K Yellow 5/5).

LEAVES erect to spreading; petioles (2)6-22 cm long, (3)6-9 mm diam., flattened to broadly sulcate adaxially, sharply 3-ribbed abaxially; blades epunctate, ob-lanceolate to broadly oblanceolate, gradually acuminate at apex, long attenuate at base, (11)25-62 cm long, (3.5)5.5-27 cm wide, broadest at middle; midrib raised above and below, paler than surface, sometimes yellow; primary lateral veins 8-12 per side, departing the midrib at 40°-45° angle; collective vein arising from the third to fifth primary lateral vein, 3-5 mm from the margin.

INFLORESCENCE erect, usually shorter than leaves; peduncle 24-53 cm long, 3-5 mm diam., much longer than petioles; spathe green, linear-lanceolate, 5-12 cm long, 0.7-1.1 cm wide; spadix sessile, green to white, sometimes tinged with red-violet, 7-16 cm long, 6-8 mm diam. at base, 3-4 mm diam. at apex; flowers square to rhombic, ca. 2 mm in both directions, the sides ± straight; 5-6 flowers visible in the principal spiral, 5-7 flowers visible in the alternate spiral; lateral tepals 0.5 mm wide, the inner margins turned up.

INFRUCTESCENCE with greenish-yellow, obovoid berries often not developing in apical one quarter to one half of spadix. Fig. 4.

The species is known from Costa Rica and Panama in tropical moist, premontane wet, and tropical wet forest life zones at elevations of sea level to 900 m. The species has been collected once on the Atlantic slope and lowlands in San José and Puntarenas Provinces of Costa Rica, including the Osa Península. It has been collected in Panama only on the Burica Península in Chiriquí Province. Anthurium acutifolium is a member of section Pachyneurium and is distinguished by being a terrestrial plant (rarely epiphytic) with thin, oblanceolate to broadly oblanceolate leaf blades that are attenuate at the base. The petiole is broadly sulcate to flattened on the upper side and sharply 3-ribbed on the lower side. The syntype Pittier 4099 at MO is unusually small for the species but appears to differ in no other way. Anthurium acutifolium is similar vegetatively to A. consobrinum but that species is an epiphyte (apparently restricted to the Atlantic slope) with early emergent, narrowly acute pistils, an oblong spadix, and a petiole that is rounded on the lower side. Pistils of A. acutifolium are not early emergent and are rounded at the apex.


Map of Mesoamerican specimens with coordinates

Costa Rica Alajuela:, , Hunnewell 16560 (GH).
Costa Rica Guanacaste:, , Pittier 11129 (BR, G, US).
Costa Rica Puntarenas: 20 m, 8.45.00N 83.22.50W, 13 January 1991, Emilio Castro 81 (MO).
Costa Rica Puntarenas: 300 m, 08.58.30N 83.28.00W, 9 December 1988, Michael Grayum, Gerardo Herrera & Randy Evans 9155 (MO).
Costa Rica Puntarenas:, 10 July 1992, Grant & Rundell 92-01927 (CR, MO).
Costa Rica Puntarenas:, , Pittier 6539 (BR).
Costa Rica Puntarenas: 300 m,, 1980, Ocampo 2818 (MO, CR).
Costa Rica Puntarenas: 1000-1400 m,, 7 Jan 1983, Gomez 19633 (MO, CR).
Costa Rica Puntarenas: Osa Península, 200 - 400 m, 8.42N 83.31W, 4 March 1985, T.B. Croat & M.H. Grayum 59853 (MO, US, WU).
Costa Rica Puntarenas: Río Uruca, 900 m,, 7 Jan 1970, Burger & Liesner 7172 (MO).
Costa Rica Puntarenas: 150-650 m, 08.27N 83.33W - 08.30N 83.38W, 22 May 1988, C. Kernan & P. Phillips 482 (MO).
Costa Rica Puntarenas: 0 m, 8.27N 83.33W, 10 July 1988, C. Kernan & P. Phillips 680 (MO).
Costa Rica Puntarenas: Reserva Biológica Carara, 30 m, 09.46N 84.26W, 26 June 1990, Bello & Rojas 2288 (MO, CR).
Costa Rica Puntarenas: 1000-1400 m., 10.15N 84.14W, 30 Nov. 1986, Herrera et al. 280 (MO).
Costa Rica Puntarenas: 90 m, 8.39N 83.11W, 15 Sept 1987, Croat 67615 (MO).
Costa Rica Puntarenas:, , Pittier 4656 (BR).
Costa Rica Puntarenas: Burica Península,, , Thomas B. Croat 22127 (F, K, MO).
Costa Rica Puntarenas: Quebrada Palito,, , Thomas B. Croat 22614 (MO).
Costa Rica Puntarenas: Osa Península,, , Liesner 2921 (MO). Costa Rica Puntarenas:, , Thomas B. Croat 32962 (MO).
Costa Rica Puntarenas: 50-150 m, 8.42.20N 83.31.30W, 18 November 1991, Reinaldo Aguilar 651 (MO).
Costa Rica Puntarenas: Fila Costeña, 800-950 m, 08.49.24N 83.11.48W, 9 December 1993, Michael Grayum, B. Hammel, R. Aguilar & J. Gómez 10638 (CR).
Costa Rica Puntarenas: R.I. Boruca; Valle del Térraba, 100 m, 08.59N 83.16W, 11 September 1992, Sary Rojas, N. Zamora & M.M. Chavarría 37 (CR, MO).
Costa Rica Puntarenas: Valle del Térraba, 200 m, 08.58.30N 83.28.00W, 22 November 1991, Gerardo Herrera 4975 (CR, MO).
Costa Rica Puntarenas: Río del General, 260 m,, 7 Jul 1971, Harmon, W.E. & J.A. Fuentes 6210 (UMO-100321).
Costa Rica Puntarenas: 50 m, 08.42.01N 83.30.48W, 11 September 1996, Thomas B. Croat & Dylan Hannon 79239 .
Costa Rica San José: 600 m, 09.55.30N 83.17.30W, 16 January 1986, Michael H. Grayum & Pam Sleeper 6098 (MO).
Costa Rica San José: 800 m, 09.43N 84.24W, 21 July 1988, Michael Grayum, B. Hammel, N. Zamora & M. M. Chavarría 8605 (MO).
Costa Rica San José: Río El General,, , Skutch 4749 (MO).
Costa Rica San José:, , Burger & Leisner 7171 (MO).
Costa Rica San José: Río Catarata, 80 m, 08.57N 83.20W, 5 Feb 1991, Maas et al. 7825 (MO).
Costa Rica San José: ca. 700 m, 9.55N 84.15W, 22 Feb 1982, Burger et. al 11938 (F,MO).
Costa Rica San José: Cerro Turrubares,, , Jimenez 628 (US).
Costa Rica San José:, , Pittier 3862 (BR). Costa Rica San José:, , Pittier 4099 (BR).
Costa Rica San José:, , Taylor 17387 (NY, US). Costa Rica San José:, 16 Nov. 1989, Valerio et al. 226 (MO, CR).
Costa Rica San José: Ciudad Colón, 800 m, 09.55N 84.16W, 9 July 1984, Barringer & Christenson 3653 (MO).
Costa Rica San José: Z.P. La Cangreja; Cerros de Puriscal, 500 m, 09.42.12N 84.23.30W, 22 Oct 1992, J.F. Morales 926 (CR).
Costa Rica San José: Valle del Candelaria, 500 m, 09.46.50N 84.11.30W, 15 April 1995, Barry Hammel 19748 (CR, INB, MO).
Costa Rica San José: ca. 620-640 m, 09.43.30N 84.13.30W, 28 January 1997, M. H. Grayum, B. Hammel & F. Morales 11192 (INB, MO).
Panama Chiriquí: Puerto Armuelles Region,, , Thomas B. Croat 21938 (MO).
Panama Chiriquí: Puerto Armuelles Region,, , Thomas B. Croat 22474 (MO, PMA, RSA, US).
Panama Chiriquí: Puerto Armuelles Region,, , Thomas B. Croat 21972 (MO). Panama Chiriquí: Puerto Armuelles Region,, , Liesner 49 (MO, PMA).
Panama Chiriquí: Puerto Armuelles Region,, , Woodson & Schery 904 (MO).