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Anthurium flexile ssp. muelleri (Macbr.) Croat & Baker,

Selbyana 2: 236. 1978.

Anthurium muelleri Macbr., Candollea 5: 348. 1934.

Anthurium mexicanum Engl., Monogr. Phan.2: 105. 1879, non Liebm., 1849. TYPE: Mexico. Veracruz: Orizaba, Mueller 993 (NY, hololectotype; BR, LE, isolectolypcs, here designated).
Anthurium flexile ssp. muelleri differs from the typical subspecies in that the leaves are lanceolate, broadest below the middle, weakly cordate at the base and the first pair of basal veins are not fused with the midrib or very rarely so. The spadix may be stipitate 1-1.5 cm. Fig. 74

It occurs in Mexico and Guatemala at elevations of 1,000 to 1,700 m and is replaced by the typical subspecies in southern Central America.

Mexico. No other location,MexicoVeracruz:, , Calzada 207 (F).
Mexico Veracruz:, , Mueller & Schlumberger 993 (F, US (photo)).
Mexico Veracruz:, , Sousa 3586 (MEXU).
Mexico Veracruz:, , Beaman & Alvarez 5349 (F, MEXU).
Mexico Veracruz:, , Sousa 3445 (CAS, MEXU).