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Anthurium agnatum Schott. Part of the material of A. salviniae was attributed to A. agnatum by Standley (1944). Anthurium agnatum was described from an Oersted collection from Nicaragua but all that remains to be investigated is a drawing of two leaves. It is not possible to be certain of the identification and it could be one of three species in section Pachyneurium, namely A. cubense, A. upalaense Croat & Baker or A. schlechtendalii Kunth. The name should be considered a nomen dubium. Anthurium crassinervium (Jacq.) Schott. This species is restricted to the coastal cordillera of northern Venezuela. Specimens attributed to this species in the "Flora of Panama" were either A. salviniae or A. purpureospathum (those from Bocas del Toro Province). Anthurium denudatum Engl. This species is restricted to Colombia at elevations mostly above 1,800 m. The specimens cited and illustrated in the "Flora of Panama" are A. brownii. Anthurium littorale Engl. This name is a synonym of A durandii Engl., restricted thus far to southern Costa Rica. Material cited from Pan- ama as A. littorale in the "Flora of Barro Colo- rado Island" (Croat, 1978) is A. Paludosum. Anthurium maximum (Desf.) Engl. This species is believed to be restricted to Colombia. The only specimen cited in the "Flora of Panama" (Pittier 2679) is A. salviniae. Anthurium schlechtendalii Kunth. This species ranges from Mexico to Nicaragua. The specimens cited in the "Flora of Panama" as this species are all A. salviniae. Anthurium tetragonum Hook. ex Schott. This name is a synonym of A. schlechtendalii (see above). Specimens cited as A. tetragonum by Standley (1944) and by Croat (1978) are A. salviniae.