International Aroid Society
Dracontium Fruits

The berries of Dracontium may be globose (D. spruceanum), angularly globose with 3-6 angles (D. grayumianum, ( Fig. 88-90 ); D. longipes, ( Fig. 91 ), or elongate with a projection (D. angustispathum). They range from having one seed (D. angustispathum) to as many as seven seeds (D. polyphyllum). The young berries are usually light to medium green, while the mature berries may be orange (D. angustispathum, D. changuango, D. croatii, D. gigas, D. drayumianum, D. peruvianum, D. pittieri, and D. spruceanum), purplish (D. asperum), greenish purple (D. bogneri, D. polyphyllum), reddish or purplish red (D. margaretae and D. purdieanum), or purplish brown (D. soconuscum and sometimes in D. gigas). The berries are usually darker apically and may be depressed around the persistent style (D. bogneri, D. changuango and D. soconuscum) or rounded (D. angustispathum and D. spruceanum). The berries are often covered with small whitish raphide cells and sometimes red dots.