International Aroid Society
Dracontium Seeds

Dracontium shows great diversity in seed morphology ( Fig. 92 ), and this is of great value for species distinction in the genus. Seed size ranges from 3 mm wide (D. bogneri) to more than 1 cm wide (D. croatii and D. peruvianum) with only a trace of endosperm present. The seeds may be rounded (D. croatii, D. gigas and D. pittieri), elongate (D. spruceanum, and D grayumianum), kidney-shaped (D. polyphyllum, and D. plowmanii), or more or less triangular (D. asperum). They are more or less laterally compressed, with the sides either convex (D. polyphyllum) or depressed (D. asperum). The sides of the seeds may be smooth (D. polyphyllum, D. asperum and D. bogneri) or decorated with small wart-like small projections (D. spruceanum). The seeds typically have three dorsal ridges (D. gigas, D. pittieri, D. peruvianum and D. spruceanum), sometimes have only one (D. polyphyllum, D. asperum and D. plowmanii) or none (D. bogneri). The dorsal ridges may be continuous (D. polyphyllum and D. plowmanii) or strongly interrupted (D. changuango, D. croatii, D. grayumianum), and either thin (D. grayumianum) or thick (D. croatii, D. gigas and D. peruvianum).