ContentsP. ser. PachycaulesP. subsec. Glossophyllum

3. P. ser. Reticulacataphylla, ser. nov.

TYPE: P. tysonii Croat

Internodia brevia; cataphylla persistens in fibris tenuibus; petiolus lamina subequans aut longior, teres aut subteres; lamina ovato-cordata; pistila cum 5-9 ovules per locule; ovulae plerumque 5-7 per ovaria.

Etymology: Reticula from reticulalus, meaning network; cataphylla = cataphyll, refering to the dried network of cataphyll fibers characterizing this series.

Philodendron ser. Reticulacataphylla is the only group of species in P. subsect. Macrobelium with a few ovules per locule, stems with short internodes and persistent cataphylls. Most species with short internodes and persistent cataphyll fibers are members of P. sect. Philodendron. Species in that group have terete or subterete petioles about as long as the ovate-cordate blades and pistils with 5-9 locules, each with 5-7 ovules.

Philodendron ser. Reticulacataphylla is represented in Central America by only two species, P. jefense, and P. tysonii.