ContentsPhilodendron roseospathum var. angustilaminatum

Philodendron roseospathum Croat var. roseospathum, var. nov.

Flowering in Philodendron roseospathum var. roseospathum occurs in the late dry season and early rainy season (March through July) with post-anthesis collections known from March through September and immature fruits from July to December. The few South American collections concord with this pattern. Flowering collections are known from Colombia from July.

In Central America, P. roseospathum var. roseospathum is common locally in cloud forests along the Continental Divide as far west as Veraguas and as far east as the El Llano-Cartí Road. It is certainly to be expected in Darién Province.

For differences with P. var. Angustilaminatum, see the preceeding key.

Additional specimens examined for P. roseospathum var. roseospathum.

PANAMA. Coclé: Continental Divide ridge, Coclesito Road, Hammel 2540 (CR, MO); El Copé region, 7 km N of Copé, Alto Calvario, 800 m, Folsom & Mauseth 7948 (MO); 750--900 m, Croat 44738 (F, MO); 710--800 m, 89E39'N, 80E36'W, 68763 (MO); 900--1000 m, 8E39'N, 80E36'W, Croat 75057 (MO); El Valle region, La Mesa, N of El Valle de Antón, 800--900 m, 8E38'N, 80E09'W, Croat 67130 (CAS, CM, K, MEXU, MO, NY, PMA, TEX); 860--900 m, 37346 (F, MO); 830--900 m, 8E36'N, 80E07'W, 74810 (CM, LE, MO, WIS); ca. 800 m, 25435 (F, MO); Luteyn & Kennedy 1652 (MO); 850 m, 8E37'N, 80E06'W, de Nevers et al. 3513 (MO); 2700 ft., Sytsma et al. 4350 (CM, MO); 840--880 m, 8E38'N, 80E7.5'W, Grayum & Evans 9908 (MO); Cerro Gaital, 900--1000 m, 8E40'N, 80E07'W, Knapp 5311 (MO); 860 m, 8E37'N, 80E08'W, Croat & Zhu 76734 (AAU, CAS, CM, MEXU, MO); N slope and summit of Cerro Pilón, 900--1173 m, Croat 22951 (MO). Panamá: El Llano--Cartí Road, 4 mi. beyond the highway, 500 m, Croat 49135 (MO); Cerro Jefe region, 750--850 m, 9E15'N, 79E30'W, McPherson 11166 (MO), 11197 (CM, MO); 1000 m, Croat 49088 (MO); ca. 1000 m, Mori et al. 3795 (MO); ca. 950 m, ca. 9E15'N, 79E30'W, McPherson 7107 (B, K, MO, US); 2500--3000 ft., Hammel 3704 (MO); 750--800 m, 9E14'N, 79E22'W, Croat 67089 (MO); vic. Altos de Pacora, 800--1,000 m, Croat 22672 (CM, L, MO, WIS); 3--3.5 mi. NE of Altos de Pacora, 700--750 m, 9E15'N, 79E25'W, Croat 68635 (MO); La Eneida, ca. 800 m, Kennedy et al. 3374 (US); Plowman & Weil 3158 (ECON); 1000 m, Folsom & Page 5938 (MO); 6 mi. above Lago Cerro Azul, Croat 15225 (MO); Campo Tres, ca. 700 m, Croat 27069 (F, MO); 4.6 km beyond peak, on road to Altos de Pacora, 26.3 km from the Inter-American Highway, ca. 600 m, Croat 35931 (CAS, CM, F, GH, M, MEXU, MO, P). San Blas: El Llano--Cartí Road, Nusagandi, 300--350 m, 9E15'N, 79EW, Croat 69282 (MO); Mile 10.9, 450 m, 9E18'N, 79E59'W, Croat 75123A (MO); Cerro Obu, 400--500 m, 400--500 m, de Nevers et al. 8054 (MO). Veraguas: Santa Fe region, Santa Fe--Río San Luis, past Escuela Agrícola Alto de Piedra, ca. 5 mi. N of school, 670 m, 8E33'N, 81E08'W, Croat 66972 (GB, MO, RSA); Santa Fe--Calovébora, 1.7 mi. past Alto Piedra School, 570 m, 8E33'N, 81E08'W, Croat & Zhu 76857B (MO).

COLOMBIA. Antioquia: Parque Nacional Natural "Las Orquídeas", Sector Venados, 900 m, 6E33'N, 76E19'W, Cogollo et al. 3344 (MO). Chocó: Quibdó--Istmina, vicinity of Quibdó, <100 m, 6E28'N, 76E36'W, Croat & Cogollo 52233 (MO); Quibdó--Bolívar, 117--118 km E of Quibdó, 465 m, 5E44'N, 76E28'W, Croat 57515 (CHOCO, CM, COL, JAUM, MO, NY, PMA); Río Baudó, Fuchs et al. 22048 (COL); Medellín--Quibdó at Km 208.5, 9 km W of Tutunendo, ca. 9 km E of Quibdó, <100 m, 5E39'N, 76E40'W, Croat 56202.